Sunday, January 25, 2015

Super Sunny Sunday!

This about sums up this month!

Those red socked feet are mine and I'm surrounded by fur.  Those boots and that beer completely update you on what Albert's been up relax!

Honestly, this month was a big chunk of doing almost nothing.  A friend of mine helped me see that we spent so much energy getting to the one year mark for Albert, that we didn't plan on what we were gonna do once we reached that milestone.  

So maybe the month has been reflective...coming to terms with our new normal.  We've discovered that our new normal includes LOTS of recovery time.  

Do a   Eat a   Take a  Take a

Everything takes so much more energy and focus than it ever did before.  Forget things like yardwork or projects around the house.  Since Albert hasn't stopped working full-time, getting through the day is the big goal.

That being said, today was a super sunny Sunday!  It must have motivated my guy because he totally surprised me by working on some shelves for my office/guest room.  Using materials from the abyss, AKA, the garage...he fabricated some shelves and removed the existing contraptions I had in there.

I'm sure he completely wore himself out but I was so completely thrilled with his usual workmanship and attention to detail!  

YES, my walls are currently orange...left over from the son's decor...but they will soon be some shade of froggy green...very soon!

Now he's spending the rest of the evening watching the winter X games and ProBowl football...surrounded by furry pets, of course!

Thanks so much for stopping by and checking on us!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015! Wow!

January's not too late to say "Happy New Year" everyone!

The holiday season brought a whirlwind of crazy for us.  AND lots of great quality time with friends, family and making great memories.

This week I've been focusing on getting back on track:

-Medical: Both of us need to re-focus and take better/more care of ourselves.
-Financial: I'm finally ready to re-focus on gainful employment.
-Enviromental: Get our home back in shape.
-Spiritual: Renew our spirit by giving back to our community.

It kinda sounds like new year resolutions, and I guess they are in a way, but we've been living day-to-day making new resolutions daily...sometimes our only resolution is to get through the day.

Right now, we are focusing on making visit-to-visit resolutions.  Planning our lives in 3 month increments.  For the first time, in a long time.

If feels wonderful~dare I say~back among the living!

Slow living, but still living.

Albert is adding a new doctor to the list.  A lung specialist. We hope to get him/her into the rotation when we visit MD Anderson in March.

Thank you for reading, commenting, and supporting our progress!

- becca