Friday, April 18, 2014


Yay!  It's Friday!  Bert's got proton therapy this morning and then we are hitting the road!  We can't wait to get home and cuddle with these two babies!

Also being Easter weekend, we hope to spend time with family and friends and relax.  Hopefully this weekend will also be filled with Nascar and on demand shows we've missed this week!

Chemo Round 2 is outta here!!!!

So far so good with the motion sickness, but I'm proud of Bert for taking his meds more proactively instead of waiting until he needs them.

If anybody is still in town, we'd love a visit, I think Bert is starting to miss your smiling faces.  God knows he's seen lots of mine and Jakes mean mugs this past few weeks!

Lots of love!  (((((Hugs)))))

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Still Truckin'

This guy has been incredible!  He's feeling good, just gets tired easily, but other wise is not in pain.  He has been tolerating small meals well, and is in very good spirits.  He's been sleeping OK, and tolerating my driving, better than usual.  The motion sickness may kick in again with the trip home, but so far, so good!

I on the other hand have been having RA flares like crazy and have been taking every opportunity to catch some zzz's.  In waiting rooms, in hospital recliners, stiff chairs, pretty much anywhere that I'm sitting for more than 5 minutes idle, the sleep button kicks on.

On Monday Bert's primary oncologist said that he was VERY pleased with how well he is tolerating the treatments.  Every patient is different, so three weeks into therapy, Albert is doing awesome!  

He is having the normal skin changes associated with the radiation and hair loss from the chemo.  The nausea has been minimal and his strong reaction to the nupogen shots to the abdomin are very normal.  Only now has his throat become a little scratchy if he eats rough foods.  So more side effects are more than likely still to come, but as a whole, my guy has been a real trooper!

The two lingering and obvious questions are: is it working? And when will we know?

Patience and time will tell.

Once his treatments are complete (currently scheduled for May 9th), he will come back to Houston for more scans and tests to see what's up.  But even those tests will take place a few weeks after treatments.

Both chemo and radiation he is receiving are in extremely high doses and are said to be "aggressive" therapies, so the doctors are hopeful.  

We choose to be hopeful too!

Thanks for stopping by the blog, keeping up with Albert's progress, and showing so much support for our family.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Manic Monday!

Kasey and Travis...rockin' their "cancer sucks" wristbands!

Wow!  Monday was a doozie!

In between the needles and chaos, I surprised Bert with a little field trip during our 4 hour lay-over between appointments.  Especially knowing that he was starting chemo cycle two later in the day, I didn't know how he would be feeling later in the week.

I took him to the Houston Aquarium downtown.

Probably, the best part was when we were chased by a white tiger!

No, really, the white tiger was incredible...(just not sure why it was at the aquarium).

We were also surprised how small the place was...but lunch was phenomenal, and it was freezing cold and rainy that day so the aquarium was a great place to kill time and take in new scenery.

In the evening, we had the dreaded 6 hour chemo ordeal.  I've got to say, my Lamaze breathing techniques came in handy when Albert was getting his IV put in.  He did better than last time, only jumped half off the bed instead of into the hallway!  I think that if I can get him to focus on his breathing, he may be OK next time, we'll see.

We got in pretty late that night and zonked out immediately as our heads hit the pillows!  

It was a long day, but I'm so glad to be with my sweetheart this week!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week 4, Already?

Seriously!  Can't believe three weeks have already come and gone!  It has felt more like three months!  But at the same time, I can't remember where the time has gone.

It's been a short, long time...or has it been a long, short time?

This journey has evoked lots of emotions in both of us.  Refusing to feel down, we have chosen to focus on humor and things that make us laugh.

So we have been focusing on Bert's ever changing hair...

When Albert left last Monday, he looked like this:

On Thursday, he sent me this:

On Friday, he got home and I took this:

A couple days ago, he posted this on Facebook!


ALBERT, the back 'o yo head is ree-dic-you-lous!! Can I have yo number??  Can I?  Can I?

Oh well, he got lots of positive feedback from his post and we've gotten lots of laughs!  It's almost like a countdown to see how fast it will all fall out!

He has an appointment with his hairdresser this I guess it will ALL be gone, no matter what!


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Follow-up on HAIR!!

So I went through with it and got my hair did!  My hairdresser is wonderful!  She cut it and gave my burgundy ends!

I love it!

More news from Houston...the shots that Albert started getting in his belly are making him miserable.  He is in terrible pain, says all his bones hurt but especially those that have lost density.  His back and hips are suffering the most!

I wish I was there to feel like I'm doing something.  I know Jake is taking good care of him, but there's nothing like hugs in person!


They are better than band-aids!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week 3 begins!

Albert was a busy bee this weekend.  He spent quality time with our four-legged children and had energy to run errands.  Big upgrade from last weekend feeling so miserable.

Our weekend was interrupted by caring for a sick Toby.  He was not feeling well and worried us thinking we were gonna have to spend Saturday night at the animal emergency room.  Intuition and Google helped us figure out that he could wait until Monday to be seen by our vet, since he's been under her care for heart worm treatments.

In trying to figure out how to care for Albert and Toby at the same time, we opted to have Jake take care of his dad again this week.

They took off Sunday evening to get some rest before the 7am appointment for lab work.

This morning I got Toby to the vet and it appears, are you ready for this, that he had an upset tummy!

Seriously Toby???  He woke up energized and eating and happy!!  He was perfectly perky heading into the vet's office...
She suspects he may have eaten something that didn't agree with him, most likely a dead bird.  YUCK! He weighs 83 pounds now, by the way.  

Meanwhile, in Houston, the guys had a terribly busy day.  They met with the primary oncologist for a check up, did blood work, met with a new nutritionist, and did proton therapy at some point.

A couple of newsworthy moments that Albert updated me on...

His lab work showed that his white blood cell count is too low, so it may delay his next chemo treatment.  Apparently white blood cells help you fight infection and you need enough to be able to withstand treatments.  So, in an effort to boost those cells, Bert received another injection today.  This time, in his belly.  YIKES!!

He will get another injection tomorrow and Wednesday.  At some point they will determine if chemo at week 4 will happen or if it will be postponed.

Also, the nutritionist said that very soon he will start to have trouble eating because of the radiation.  So they discussed ways to help ease the discomfort followed by the pain that may come his way.  His esophagus is getting a direct beam of radiation and it is common for patients to start feeling like they have a sore throat, then gradually the pain may increase to where it is very difficult to swallow.

Good thing we already started a smoothie challenge this month to increase our fruit and veggie intake...
Peach Coconut Dream

Bert said it was actually good!  YAY!!

That's all I know, so for now, me and the babies will chillax and get more rest this week!


Update on last week!

Since I was not with my guys last week,  I spent most of my week sleeping!  It was very needed and very indulgent at the same time.

The guys' week was pretty casual.  Which is nice!  They had daily appointments for proton therapy.  One appointment with the Radiation Oncologist for his weekly check-up, and other than that, took it easy.

Considering the fact that it was guy time, I have few details, but will let you know what I know.

Bert's first appointment last week was Monday night at 9pm.  So in the morning, they packed, drove most of the afternoon, got settled at our friend's house and took it easy.

Tuesday morning they went to a 7 am appointment and proceeded directly to a bowling alley on the way home.  They had a great time, Jake kicked Bert's butt, and they were both super tired after.

Apparently, Albert found time to do some actual work, via computer and internet.  A first since starting treatments.  He said it felt good to work on projects, be productive, and 'chat' with co-workers.

Thursday night they ate at some cool pizza spot with our friend and enjoyed the conversation and company.

Friday was an early day so they headed home after the 10:30 appointment.

Albert came home feeling good and surprised me with an Anniversary Dinner Date!

He took me to dinner and a movie!  It was such a great surprise and felt so good to be together doing "normal" stuff.

Grilled Pineapple Margarita, OMG, so yummy!!!

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed Divergent, and can now read the book!

I saw the book on a Pinterest pin in January.  It was on a list of books to read before they hit the big screen in 2014!  I bought it and offered it to Albert to read during treatments.  I'm trying a new thing.  See the movie, then read the book.  I'm tired of being disappointed by movies that don't live up to the book.  After I read the book, I'll let you know if it worked.  My goal is to like them both!  Wish me luck!

Albert liked the book and the movie.

So that was last week!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I love you more!

April 2, 1988

I was 17, he was 19.

I was a senior in high school, he was an E-2 in the Air Force.

I was about to graduate, he had just gotten orders to Japan.

I needed parental consent to get married, he needed me on his orders to Japan!

I was running from home, he was running to make a home.

I giggled through the ceremony, he never stopped smiling.

He was the best decision I ever made!

I was the best decision he ever made!