Sunday, April 13, 2014

Week 4, Already?

Seriously!  Can't believe three weeks have already come and gone!  It has felt more like three months!  But at the same time, I can't remember where the time has gone.

It's been a short, long time...or has it been a long, short time?

This journey has evoked lots of emotions in both of us.  Refusing to feel down, we have chosen to focus on humor and things that make us laugh.

So we have been focusing on Bert's ever changing hair...

When Albert left last Monday, he looked like this:

On Thursday, he sent me this:

On Friday, he got home and I took this:

A couple days ago, he posted this on Facebook!


ALBERT, the back 'o yo head is ree-dic-you-lous!! Can I have yo number??  Can I?  Can I?

Oh well, he got lots of positive feedback from his post and we've gotten lots of laughs!  It's almost like a countdown to see how fast it will all fall out!

He has an appointment with his hairdresser this I guess it will ALL be gone, no matter what!


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