Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Manic Monday!

Kasey and Travis...rockin' their "cancer sucks" wristbands!

Wow!  Monday was a doozie!

In between the needles and chaos, I surprised Bert with a little field trip during our 4 hour lay-over between appointments.  Especially knowing that he was starting chemo cycle two later in the day, I didn't know how he would be feeling later in the week.

I took him to the Houston Aquarium downtown.

Probably, the best part was when we were chased by a white tiger!

No, really, the white tiger was incredible...(just not sure why it was at the aquarium).

We were also surprised how small the place was...but lunch was phenomenal, and it was freezing cold and rainy that day so the aquarium was a great place to kill time and take in new scenery.

In the evening, we had the dreaded 6 hour chemo ordeal.  I've got to say, my Lamaze breathing techniques came in handy when Albert was getting his IV put in.  He did better than last time, only jumped half off the bed instead of into the hallway!  I think that if I can get him to focus on his breathing, he may be OK next time, we'll see.

We got in pretty late that night and zonked out immediately as our heads hit the pillows!  

It was a long day, but I'm so glad to be with my sweetheart this week!

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