Thursday, April 17, 2014

Still Truckin'

This guy has been incredible!  He's feeling good, just gets tired easily, but other wise is not in pain.  He has been tolerating small meals well, and is in very good spirits.  He's been sleeping OK, and tolerating my driving, better than usual.  The motion sickness may kick in again with the trip home, but so far, so good!

I on the other hand have been having RA flares like crazy and have been taking every opportunity to catch some zzz's.  In waiting rooms, in hospital recliners, stiff chairs, pretty much anywhere that I'm sitting for more than 5 minutes idle, the sleep button kicks on.

On Monday Bert's primary oncologist said that he was VERY pleased with how well he is tolerating the treatments.  Every patient is different, so three weeks into therapy, Albert is doing awesome!  

He is having the normal skin changes associated with the radiation and hair loss from the chemo.  The nausea has been minimal and his strong reaction to the nupogen shots to the abdomin are very normal.  Only now has his throat become a little scratchy if he eats rough foods.  So more side effects are more than likely still to come, but as a whole, my guy has been a real trooper!

The two lingering and obvious questions are: is it working? And when will we know?

Patience and time will tell.

Once his treatments are complete (currently scheduled for May 9th), he will come back to Houston for more scans and tests to see what's up.  But even those tests will take place a few weeks after treatments.

Both chemo and radiation he is receiving are in extremely high doses and are said to be "aggressive" therapies, so the doctors are hopeful.  

We choose to be hopeful too!

Thanks for stopping by the blog, keeping up with Albert's progress, and showing so much support for our family.

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