Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Update on last week!

Since I was not with my guys last week,  I spent most of my week sleeping!  It was very needed and very indulgent at the same time.

The guys' week was pretty casual.  Which is nice!  They had daily appointments for proton therapy.  One appointment with the Radiation Oncologist for his weekly check-up, and other than that, took it easy.

Considering the fact that it was guy time, I have few details, but will let you know what I know.

Bert's first appointment last week was Monday night at 9pm.  So in the morning, they packed, drove most of the afternoon, got settled at our friend's house and took it easy.

Tuesday morning they went to a 7 am appointment and proceeded directly to a bowling alley on the way home.  They had a great time, Jake kicked Bert's butt, and they were both super tired after.

Apparently, Albert found time to do some actual work, via computer and internet.  A first since starting treatments.  He said it felt good to work on projects, be productive, and 'chat' with co-workers.

Thursday night they ate at some cool pizza spot with our friend and enjoyed the conversation and company.

Friday was an early day so they headed home after the 10:30 appointment.

Albert came home feeling good and surprised me with an Anniversary Dinner Date!

He took me to dinner and a movie!  It was such a great surprise and felt so good to be together doing "normal" stuff.

Grilled Pineapple Margarita, OMG, so yummy!!!

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed Divergent, and can now read the book!

I saw the book on a Pinterest pin in January.  It was on a list of books to read before they hit the big screen in 2014!  I bought it and offered it to Albert to read during treatments.  I'm trying a new thing.  See the movie, then read the book.  I'm tired of being disappointed by movies that don't live up to the book.  After I read the book, I'll let you know if it worked.  My goal is to like them both!  Wish me luck!

Albert liked the book and the movie.

So that was last week!

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