Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week 3 begins!

Albert was a busy bee this weekend.  He spent quality time with our four-legged children and had energy to run errands.  Big upgrade from last weekend feeling so miserable.

Our weekend was interrupted by caring for a sick Toby.  He was not feeling well and worried us thinking we were gonna have to spend Saturday night at the animal emergency room.  Intuition and Google helped us figure out that he could wait until Monday to be seen by our vet, since he's been under her care for heart worm treatments.

In trying to figure out how to care for Albert and Toby at the same time, we opted to have Jake take care of his dad again this week.

They took off Sunday evening to get some rest before the 7am appointment for lab work.

This morning I got Toby to the vet and it appears, are you ready for this, that he had an upset tummy!

Seriously Toby???  He woke up energized and eating and happy!!  He was perfectly perky heading into the vet's office...
She suspects he may have eaten something that didn't agree with him, most likely a dead bird.  YUCK! He weighs 83 pounds now, by the way.  

Meanwhile, in Houston, the guys had a terribly busy day.  They met with the primary oncologist for a check up, did blood work, met with a new nutritionist, and did proton therapy at some point.

A couple of newsworthy moments that Albert updated me on...

His lab work showed that his white blood cell count is too low, so it may delay his next chemo treatment.  Apparently white blood cells help you fight infection and you need enough to be able to withstand treatments.  So, in an effort to boost those cells, Bert received another injection today.  This time, in his belly.  YIKES!!

He will get another injection tomorrow and Wednesday.  At some point they will determine if chemo at week 4 will happen or if it will be postponed.

Also, the nutritionist said that very soon he will start to have trouble eating because of the radiation.  So they discussed ways to help ease the discomfort followed by the pain that may come his way.  His esophagus is getting a direct beam of radiation and it is common for patients to start feeling like they have a sore throat, then gradually the pain may increase to where it is very difficult to swallow.

Good thing we already started a smoothie challenge this month to increase our fruit and veggie intake...
Peach Coconut Dream

Bert said it was actually good!  YAY!!

That's all I know, so for now, me and the babies will chillax and get more rest this week!


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  1. Hey Bert! I am catching up on your blog! I am behind schedule. Becca, you are great at giving very interesting updates and good stuff......BTW, Bert, glad to hear you will not be giving birth anytime soon! LOL! I was surprised, but, in a way glad to see that you have some TLC hours......You MUST be bored out of your mind, and feeling up to dealing with us, so, good news! Hang tough man, and know that God is in control........Lisa


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