Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Perfecting the wait!

Our trip to MDAnderson felt more like a day-cation than a medical trip.  So what felt like fear, turned out to be anxiety. 

It's been tough playing the waiting game, so our experience must be making us better at it, right?

I appreciate that the docs are trying to cover all bases. First, we have to go back for more tests and to meet with at least three more specialists.

Right now the buzz is opening Bert back up and trying to take more tumor out.

Hence, more specialists.  Nothing is set yet, it's just out there right now, on the table for more discussion, more research.

It's incredible how emotionally draining health issues can be.  The worry, the cost, the unknown, the fear, the baby steps, the small miracles that pop up outta nowhere.  All encompassed in a big bubble called 'the waiting game'.  I just wonder what we're waiting for.

I'd like to freeze Albert's current state.  Beautiful.  Strong.  Not completely wrecked with stress and anxiety.  

I'm sure as the next visit approaches that we will once again face the high alert of emotions and tension.  It's just the way it goes.

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