Thursday, March 27, 2014

Chemo: Round 1...Done!!

Yay!  Round one of chemo is over!!  

Tuesday Albert couldn't tell if it was the chemo that was making him feel tired, or the fact that Monday was such an exhausting day.   But by yesterday, he knew it was the chemo.  Through today his fatigue is only increasing.  It's all we can do to keep appointments right now, and in between, make sure we are resting.

He's back on a night medicine to help him not only sleep, but stay asleep...big improvement!!

Those first three days of chemo are supposedly the hardest.  At least that's what the nurses keep saying!  It was nice that they kept the IV inserted for the three days, I'm not sure he could have handled that tube going into his vein three days in a row!  

I told him to be thankful that he didn't have to be the one to have babies, 'cause I didn't think he could've taken the pain.  For some reason, he didn't find me humorous, only more annoying.

So today and tomorrow are much more relaxed.  An oncology visit and radiation today, radiation only tomorrow.  We plan to head home tomorrow evening.  Then next week's appointment isn't until the evening, so Jake and Albert will leave later on Monday morning than we had to this week.

Next week is proton therapy (radiation) only, daily, so it should be a little less stressful than this week.  Bert already checked out the bowling alley in preperation for his and Jake's free time next week.  He is optimistic, fo sho!

Our plans are pretty much to stay home this Saturday and Sunday, so feel free to stop by.  Especially if you are bringing food to share with us!!  LOL  

So we are reactivating the care calendar to help us with meals on the weekends.  If you do sign up, we would love for you to eat with us if possible!!  We love the company!

Thanks so much for following along in our journey!

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