Monday, July 21, 2014

Really, this is ridiculous!

My last post was June 6th?  Shameful, ridiculous, inexcusable!!!!!!

I owe you guys a post or six to catch you up on Albert's progress.
So I'll start with our last visit to Houston, June 21st - 26th.

It was weird in that his appointments were scheduled for a Saturday.  That day included blood work, and a CT scan of the radiated chest area.  The place was like a ghost town!  


Patients with weekend appointments get FREE valet parking for the day!  Would have been nice to know that tidbit ahead of time, but at least now we know, and YOU do too!

We treated ourselves to a movie afterwards, and boy! Can I pick 'em!?!

Movie theater: hands down! The best we have ever been to!  
Movie itself:  Absolutely the most timely, yet so close to home that it took us a while to leave the theater...waiting for my nose to stop running and my tears to stop flowing.

The fault in our stars was incredible, and incredibly painful to watch.

The true gift was the profound conversations that took place all that evening.  We talked, we laughed, we planned, we cried.  Our reality is in front of us, Albert has a terrible cancer, with an ├╝ber bleak prognosis.  But our lives are still filled with hope, and laughter, and plans for a future!  He's right here, right now and that's good enough.

Sunday, we relaxed and visited with our friend and wonderful hostess!

Monday thru Wednesday was a whirlwind of appointments with doctors and more scans.  We thought we would get more "news" but were disappointed.

Most notably, Bert had his last chemo cycle!!!  YAY!!

That last cycle was pretty brutal.  He had lots of nausea, exhaustion, stomach pain, coughing, and couldn't decide if he felt more like he had the flu or had gotten hit by a Mack truck.  Either way, the side effects lasted for about a week and a half, maybe a little longer.  

So, still not as bad as they could of been, or according to doctors, should have been!  Yay Albert, a real survivor!!

To end the visit, he received another injection to boost his immune system.  More than likely, the cause of much of the pain he was feeling.

Today, his only complaints are the persistent exhaustion, painful coughing, and shortness of breath when he attempts even the simplest of tasks.

Thanks for hanging in there and continuing to be part of our support team!


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