Thursday, November 20, 2014

Finally! Some great news!!

Both kids tested NEGATIVE for the MEN1 genetic mutation!!!!

It took forever to find out, and of course, there was DRAMA!!!

The genetic counselor called the house looking for Jacob one afternoon.  But, he was at work!

Albert was still on the phone, getting NO information, because both kids are adults over 18, when Kasey started calling on the other line.  Apparently, she wasn't gonna wait and she called my cell phone.  She was crying and I was scared to death because I thought it had to be bad news! 

But it wasn't, her tears were tears of relief!  She felt so happy that she was in the clear!

The counselor left a message for Jake to call her back! but since he works every night until 10, we knew we weren't finding out that day, <sigh>!

The next morning he called, got voicemail.  Then called in the afternoon before he left for work, got voicemail, <double sigh>!!

Seriously, by the next morning, I was a nervous wreck!  I was cranky and harassing Jake until he called again just to appease me, you guessed it!  We got voicemail AGAIN!  <triple sigh>!!!

Jake was getting ready to head out to work and he stops to tell me, "oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, Ms. Jackson called"...pause...sad puppy dog eyes...I'm a ball of nerves...he's formulating his speech..."she said I'm negative!"

Let me tell you!  I was screaming and wanted to kick his scrawny butt to the moon!

Dammit!  We were on pins and needles for almost two full days...

How could we be happy that KC was in the clear, but what if Jake wasn't?  We couldn't celebrate too hard for her and make him feel like crap if his news wasn't good...

Torture is the only way I can describe it.

Let me tell you!

The celebration, elation, relief, utter happiness was indescribable!  They weren't gonna have to worry about this dreadful disease that was slowly taking their daddy!

Our family genes give us enough to worry about!  Diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity...the list goes on!  At least there is ONE they wouldn't have to worry about!

The best part is that they also can't pass it on to their kids!  It's not recessive/dominant.

Albert's DNA had an omission that my DNA filled in!  Now they can only pass on the complete strand.

Thanks for all the prayers, I know they helped!

(P.S. I haven't forgotten to tell y'all about their day at MD Anderson, but I will, SOON!)

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