Friday, December 5, 2014

Thank you so much, to everyone!

This week, last year, Albert had his big surgery to remove Walter White from his chest!

A year later, we can only be thankful.

Thankful to co-workers, friends, and family who visited the hospital...brought food, gifts (including grocery cards and restaurant gift cards), flowers, plants, kind words, and shining smiles!

Thankful for our close circle of friends that took tremendous care of us for several weeks after...brought us food, cleaned our house, and kept us company!

Thankful to my sister and one of my besties for caring for our dog and cat children, EVERY TIME we had be away...including the long months in Houston!!

Thankful to our brother-in-law for keeping the lawn under control for a whole year now!!!

Thankful to co-workers who donated weeks upon weeks of sick time so that Albert could be getting treatments and still support our family!

Thankful to our friend in Houston, who is really more like a mom to us, who insists we stay with her, providing the MOST luxurious, relaxing, amazing suite of hospitality we could ever dream of; a home away from home!

Thankful to everyone who signed up and helped on the care calendar, with our yard and our trash cans, and the multitude of kind acts that were unexpected and so thoughtful!

Thankful to everyone who reads the blog and writes comments here or on Facebook!!!

Thankful for the entire team of folks on his medical journey!  Exceptionally gifted people whose compassion and expertise gave us hope...over and over again!

Thankful for our puppies, our most trusted therapists!

Thankful to RA for forcing me to stay home and be able to care for both of us!

Thankful for our children...they went through hell too...but lived to tell the tale.

Thankful for every new day that we are given to be together! 

We are thankful!  Oh, so very thankful!


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