Sunday, April 3, 2016

It's been a while!

Just checking in since it has been a while since I posted.

Albert returned to work a few weeks back and went full force.  I suggested he start gradual, half-days or work from home some days...but nope!  He opted to work about 60 hours his first week back!

Then, that Saturday morning, I expected that he would sleep in.  I managed to keep the four dogs and three cats quiet while I started on some quiet housework AND who pops in the kitchen looking for coffee, dressed head-to-toe in yardwork clothing??  Yes, Albert himself was up early and wanting to work even harder!

I asked him if he was sure that he wasn't too tired to work outside since he had had such a long first week, he replied that yardwork was his "reward" for all his hard work at the office!!!


After a full day in the yard, he said he felt great!  This man just keeps on amazing me!!

The scars are pretty much all healed up, he's ready to show them off this summer in his swim trunks.

The only residual pain he has is the area where his diaphragm had to be reconstructed.  It's not quite tender to the touch, but it screams at him when he bends to tie his shoes or pick something up off the floor.  BUT his breathing has improved.

He has another follow-up coming soon.  They will look at all the existing tumors to check to see if anything decided to start growing larger, look for any new tumors, and check to make sure his hormone levels don't show any signs of MEN-1 activity.

So for now, all is well in our little world!  

Thanks for reading, caring, believing,


  1. Fun to read this good news for both of you guys, Becca. Albert is inspiring to me with all the mess he's been through, but still he just keeps on keeping on. Glad he's feeling strong.

  2. When I drove by for our girl's day heading to Jen's , who did I see doing yard work ? My beautiful resilient son in law !! I immediately gave a little prayer of thanks.. I love you both .... mom


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