Monday, July 18, 2016

Great News!

(Pic: Team Speed Rollers, 2nd Place, Family4Life Fundraiser Tournament 2016)

Great News, Yay!

Albert gets to be in a clinical trial at MD Anderson!!

Yes, it's because they found more tumors, again.

Yes, it's because the existing ones are growing, still.

Yes, it's because there are more coming, soon.

BUT, the clinical trial is still exciting!!!  It is something that is available for a limited time and so it is great that he can get into the study NOW.  Also, if it doesn't work, he still has all the conventional chemo, radiation, and surgery options that he has today.

We are considering this a BONUS!!  and we'll take it!!


Read about the trial here!


  1. Hi guys, I'm happy because you are both excited about the clinical trail. Love my Campa's! Thanks Becky for keeping us posted here. Albert you are loved, keep fighting, we don't like the "C" word. It sucks! Gotta get together soon, thanks for attending Marky's birthday celebration at Rainforest Cafe. He loved his gift. This aunt/tia Geri loves you all!!!


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