Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Back in Houston!

Back in Houston, but this time...with our sweet kids!

Today was a doozie...started at 4:30AM, and just kept going.

Snuck in some family time and a movie!

Today included a head to toe CT scan and labs, meeting with the endocrine team, and setting a schedule for the next few months.

Apparently, I stole the show when I fell asleep in the waiting room during Albert's scan.  According to my daughter I was causing a scene as I was sleeping in a recliner so soundly,  that I was snoring with my mouth open...LOUDLY...and causing people to stare.  A kindhearted nurse took pity on me and covered me with a warm blanket.  I subsequently began to snore LOUDER!  All I know is that I had a pretty good and interesting dream.

Unfortunately, Albert's day tuckered him out and he took an afternoon nap while the kids and I did our grocery shopping.

He woke up this evening, worked, yes, I said WORKED, then passed out again, not too long ago.

I'll let y'all know the medical stuff tomorrow, I'm wiped out as well!

Nite-nite and thanks for checking in!

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