Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Endocrine Assessment- Part 1

Our current mission is to manage Albert's MEN-1 (Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia-Type 1).

For the next six months, and the REST OF HIS LIFE, we are monitoring disease activity through symptom awareness, frequent blood work and periodic scans (CT and MRI)

Remember, LEAST INVASIVE is always the preferred treatment!


Let's go back to the pituitary tumor we told y'all about this summer.

Tuesday's labs indicate that the pituitary tumor is a prolactinoma.  (an adenoma that is producing the hormone, prolactin)

The only reason they think it is a prolactinoma is that his prolactin level is infinitesimally elevated; barely out of normal range. AND there are no other hormones out of normal range, so this is a theory based on experience.

If this tiny tumor is producing prolactin, which is not needed, Albert's testosterone level will drop.

BUT THAT'S NOT HAPPENING HERE!!  His testosterone level is excellent...and honestly, I didn't need a lab test to tell me that!! LOL



They will do more lab work in December to see if there are any hormone level changes AND they will re-scan the tumor in early Spring.

The good news is that the tumor is NOT affecting his parathyroids and PTH production like previously suspected.  More on that later, but for now, it's good news.

Thanks for checking in with us, we are truly enjoying our family time...


  1. This sounds like the best possible news! Keep an eye on that T-level, girlfriend!

    1. yes! great news all around! thanks so much

    2. Keeping up with your updates. I give a sigh of relief for Albert and for the rest of you. He told me not to worry because he isn't.... I love that man.... mom


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