Thursday, October 9, 2014

Chemo Follow-up!

(headed to work)

The CT scan revealed fluid in Albert's right lung (the one that is barely functioning because of the paralyzed diaphram).  This is a common side effect of radiation to the chest.

They drained the fluid using a needle through his back and into the lining of the lung...400 ml, almost half a liter!! The fluid was sent to the lab to be tested.

Within the hour, he was taking deeper breaths.

Hopefully this procedure will help him breathe easier and easier, cut down on his fatigue, and give him a shot at getting back to his trail running and 5K fun runs!

Everything else checked out great!  The oncologist is super happy with Albert's progress and overall health.  The cancer area and tumor still seem to show "no cancer activity" based on the CT and the labs!!!

This guy is a survivor!  

Strong, healthy and as you can see above:

he's been feeling well enough to ride to work...woohoo!!!!

Thanks for stopping in, and next time, I'll give you the radiation update.


  1. Great news Becky, we love you all! Tell Albert he's looking gooooooood on his mococycle :) ok motorcycle. Love reading about Albert's progress! Keep posting!!! <3

    1. thanks, geri! you know he loves his harley girl!

  2. Thanks for the update! This cooler weather will make his rides more enjoyable! You should ride along with him!

    1. omg, maureen, i may delete this comment! LOL!! he always wants me to ride with him...and i do sometimes, but i'd rather be driving my own bike!


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