Friday, October 31, 2014

It's REALLY been a YEAR!!!

Our Halloween Graveyard 2011

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

And Happy One Year Anniversary to my best friend:  Albert!!

One year ago, today, yes...on Halloween Day, the endocrinologist called Bert and gave him the bad news.  It was a big word...CANCER...followed by another...hard to hear/pronounce/swallow diagnosis... Neuroendocrine Carcinoma....I had to write it remember it.

I remember the fear.

The immediate zap of hope and future...all in an instant.

We got off the phone and looked at each other in complete shock.

The rest is sort of a blur...

I don't even remember if we hugged, or cried, or even spoke.

I do remember that we turned off our front porch light that trick or treaters that day...we couldn't even handle the door bell ringing...

So here we year later...and according to all the statistics...Bert is one living freak of nature...ok, a miracle!

He survived...against the odds...he is among the living and we will take that bet any day!!!

Thank you friends, family, and followers who have supported us along the means so very much to both of us!

Woody and Jessie-2013

The oxford journals has more on the survival rates; but to sum it up, the 5 year survival rate for his specific tumor type/ 0%.

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  1. Looks like your trick or treaters will be getting FULL SIZE candy bars tonight! Your happiness will multiply!

    1. we are headed to the homecoming game tonight...thanks Maureen, for always checking on us!


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