Tuesday, March 24, 2015

March 2015 visit to MD Anderson

Aaand, we're back!!

It's time for Albert's 3 month check-up and we started this morning bright and early!

Driving in to our friend's house last night felt like old times.  It took me longer to pack up and leave the house and it seemed harder to get the puppies ready for their extended stay without us.  Maybe I've gotten out of the practice?

However, once we arrived, it was like we were home, away from home!  Our friend welcomed us last night with: "My casa es su casa!" and she REALLY means it.  Even the cozy bed was calling our names...it took less than 5 minutes for either of us to pass into our coma-like slumber once our heads hit the pillows.  It truly is amazing that we have such a wonderful place to call home whenever we are here for Albert's visits.

We will be eternally grateful.

The past few months have felt long.  It's hard to explain, but we have been in some kind of 'funk' while Albert has been working long and very weird hours; yet it feels like he has been home more than ever.   We have both been exhausted even though we rest more than usual.  We have not really done very much, but feel completely overwhelmed at the same time.  

As the visit begins this early morning and our bundle of nerves comes to its climax, we sit here waiting anxiously for Albert's name to be called and for this whole process to bring us what it brings, so that we can gratefully chew upon new nuggets of information.

Thanks for checking on us!


  1. Praying for you Albert, and your family. I love this technology, being able to know what's going on when we can't be there. Thank you Becky for keeping us informed as to Albert's progress. Love your photo, beautiful couple inside and out!!! Love you both and the kiddos, Aunt Geri

  2. Thank you, Aunt Geri! Love y'all too!


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