Tuesday, July 21, 2015

How you can help!

MD Anderson--Children's Art Program

Honestly, right now we are physically and mentally taken care of very well.

At home, we are taken care of.
In Houston, we are taken care of.

YET, as hard as it is to say, medical bills are starting to overwhelm us.  I hope I don't sound ungrateful for all the help we are already getting.

Family and family-like friends are taking care of our dogs and our house and what ever else we need on an ongoing basis.  Our Mom-like friend provides us a home away from home for every visit, every treatment, every time. Albert's medical days were donated by his generous co-workers.  Truly, we are blessed in the amount of help we have recieved from our support system.

THANK  YOU for all the ongoing support you have given us for almost two years now.

Many of you ask how you can help us...and it's really hard to say we need help paying for all this fabulous cancer care.  Albert's insurance takes care of the vast majority, but there are still charges we are resposible for, even after the co-pays and monthly payments.  Somehow it still racks up and stacks up!

How can you help?

If you would like to...
If you are able to...
If it does not create a financial hardship for your family...

...please consider throwing a few dollars toward Albert's MD Anderson account.

please send help directly to:
MD Anderson Cancer Center
PO BOX 4461
Houston, TX 77210-4461
MRN: 1046895

Thank you so much for checking in on us.

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