Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Day 1--done!

The big news from yesterday's visit is:

We will return to do a biopsy and scans of the existing tumor within a couple of weeks.

And within a month from that visit, Bert will have surgery to remove the tumor.

As of now, that's the plan.  If something changes along the way, then we will go with changes as they come.

The crazy chaotic day yesterday was full of good news and expected news.

The good news is that the scans from Saturday showed no new tumors/areas of concern.  However, to be ultra cautious, he will have a repeat scan before surgery.  This octreotide scan is looking at activity within the organs AND will show more detail on anything that was too small to see on the CT scan.

At this time, the original cancer is not spreading...yay!!!!

The expected news is that the tumor on his right lung did grow.  It grew from 2.9 cm to 3.6 cm in three months.  So it's enjoyed itself for too long and needs to go!!  As mentioned above, the surgery will take place within a couple of months.

He has a team of three doctors that came to consensus on a plan.  We are happy with the plan and feel that all opinions/options were considered.  After all, we get the best of three brilliant doctors!!  We consider ourselves very, very lucky.

Thanks so much for sending us all that good mojo!!


  1. Cool , It will all go great and those fabulous doctors will take care of our Albert for us. :)


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