Friday, October 2, 2015

Day 2: done!!

Bert started the day by repeating his bone density test.  On Monday, his bone density test had to be stopped midway because the images were cloudy.  Apparently, the contrast used in the CT scan on Sauturday was still running its course, and causing the images to light up in all the wrong places.  We were crossing our fingers that enough time had passed or else we would be spending another day there!

Yay!!  The radiologist said he could work with the images even though the contrast wasn't completely gone...and we were off to meet with the endocrinologist, the last appointment this visit!

The endocrinologist checks on Albert's MEN-1 disease activity.  (The thing that's causing all these tumors.)

AND the report was ALL GOOD!!!

His MEN-1 is stable right now!  The hormone panel (blood work) showed everything to be within normal levels.  His blood calcium was still a little on the high side of normal, but it wasn't elevated like it has been.  That's definitely great news because when his hormones start getting wacky, that is an indication that tumors are growing or developing.  Sometimes the tumors will be cancer and sometimes they won't, but it's nicer when they aren't there at all!

As an added bonus, two of his meds got lowered.  That's how great he's doing!

Overall, this visit was very positive and a great relief in so many ways!!  Now we can stop worrying about the 'what ifs' and breathe again.

Next step:  get rid of the pesky tumor on his lung!  

Thanks for checking on us!

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