Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Update...

(Albert with Nurse of many great nurses here!)

Well foks, today was certainly not as crazy as yesterday, thank goodness!

Bert got through the night and started his morning very early, taking a walk at 5:30 AM!  So far today he has been praised for being a very good patient, asking to get out of bed, instead of being forced to get out of bed.

The medication schedule has been amazing!  His pain level has been at .5 to 1 on a scale of 0-10 since surgery.  Every now and then, he feels a twinge or a tug, but the real pain has been managed very well so far (huge improvement over last time).

His progress today includes:

-got off of oxygen about 6:30 this morning
-removed 2nd of 3 iv ports
-removed leg circulation apparatus
-no diet restrictions
-removed approval requirement to get out of bed.

The surgeon is thinking that he could very likely be on his way out of the hospital on Saturday evening or Sunday morning!!!  Yay!!!  The original discharge day was Tuesday, so he is obviously ahead of schedule!

He is in a research group that is testing some pre-surgical and post-surgical activities that lead to Rapid Recovery Post-Operative.  WOW!!  I had some doubts, thinking that they would be pushing Albert too hard or too fast, but everything seems to be perfectly timed.  Most importantly, Bert feels as though he has some autonomy over his recovery and being the over-achiever that he says he isn't, he is working hard to exceed his own expectations!

I read all the blog and facebook comments to him today and he is blown away by all the love you guys are sending our way!  He chuckled at some comments and felt overwhelmed with others!  Lots of hugs back at you guys!

Thanks for reading...

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  1. So glad he is doing well & ahead of schedule! Keep up the good work Albert... I've been praying for you!! Sending love & hugs to both of you!! ❤️


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