Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Great Escape!

OK, so it wasn't exactly an escape, but Albert was released Saturday afternoon, smack dab in the middle of the Texans game.  Yes, the one where they lost their marbles and forgot how to play football when they got to the playoffs.  We did get to watch the end of the game from a comfy bed at our friend's place.

So for the next few days, before we head home, we will take it easy, work on pain management, walking, breathing and arm excercises...and doing our best to avoid pneumonia. Pneumonia is the team's biggest concern.  So  these breathing exercises and walks will help clear the lungs and get out all the gunk that could cause them to collapse AND then keep them clear.

Lucky for us, we stay with the sweetest, kindest lady that treats us like her children, cares about us, loves us, and makes sure we have everything we need.  

We should be headed home early next week provided everything is still going so very well.

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  1. Happy to hear the positive news, Becca. Sounds like you guys have a good place to rest up a little before the trek home.


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