Saturday, January 4, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Wow!  Is it already 2014 !?!

This week has flown by!

We've spent lots of time with friends and family for all the holidays and in between. Good company and good conversation make for good spirits!

Albert went back to work yesterday for half a day, then went back today!

He felt so good that he came home and took me on a date to the movies!

I haven't updated you on the oncology visit.  I guess because it was so disappointing that I couldn't talk about it for a while.  

Now I realize that our expectations were just so high!  Back to reality, the doc was reading the notes as he spoke to us.  He had Albert relate the whole sorted tale by asking, tell me how you got here...

Long story short, I stopped him as he was rushing out the door and made him aware that Albert still has cancer on his heart.  Talk about a wake up call.  His surprised expression told me that basically this man deals with cancer on a daily basis.  Each patient is another paying customer.

After the revelation, he actually seemed interested in Albert's case, its complexity, its rareity.

So we got our foot in the door.  We went hoping for answers, but got more tests, scans, vials of blood.  A consult.

So maybe in two weeks when we see him again, we will at least talk to someone who has read the reports, familiarized himself with the case, maybe even shows a little compassion.  There I go with my high expectations again!

I'm thankful for a new year, a new beginning, a fresh look at us.

Maybe the year will bring a cure, a treatment, travel, a bucket list, or a boring life...I'm keeping my eyes open, my mind open, for whatever comes our way.

This weekend, we rest, we renew, we watch movies, and enjoy every minute that we are together...we are alive...and we are loved!

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