Monday, January 13, 2014

More tests this week

I am happy to report that Albert is doing great. 

He went back to his beloved green space trails yesterday.  He says he did almost 3 miles, even 'jogged' for about a half mile of it.  The humidity made it super hard to breathe.  He came home looking tired, but not fatigued.  I think he enjoyed working up a sweat and needing a shower!

This week will bring more info, hopefully.  Tomorrow he preps for a PET scan he's getting on Wednesday, then he goes back to the Austin oncology doctor on Friday for his recommendations for treatment.

He appears to be sleeping better and longer.  Sleep can make such a big difference! 

I'm proud of his progress.

On the other hand, I'm not coping as well as I thought I could.  I'm OK, but definitely not great.  There's nothing specific that I can say to explain it.  I just feel like my fibro fog is working double time, keeping me unfocused and on edge.  Maybe my mind is just taking a break, knowing that for the moment, all is well.


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