Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Life Resumes!

Most of you know that Toby (Albert's baby) is a rescue animal, as all our animals are!  Today, he had a check-up and weighed in at 72 lbs!!  He's looking so much healthier and happier.  He is still heart worm positive and will begin treatment soon.

Albert went to work again today and followed it up with a little bowling!  He belongs to an over 45 league and used an 8 lb ball that was specially drilled for him.  The guys at the bowling alley were so happy to have their bowling bud back with them!  He came home exhausted!!  I'm glad to see it's helped him fall right to sleep!

And now the BIG NEWS!!!

Today, we got the call from MD Anderson!!  He has an appointment for the first week of February!  Yay! More tests, more scans, more vials of blood, but we're getting closer!

Keep those prayers going!

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