Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Feeling hopeful...

The heart doc BANGED on Bert's chest to make sure it was healing!!!  And it held up!

The hurdle at the moment is getting used to his newly reduced lung capacity and operating on only one diaphragm.  So walking daily and using stairs will help expand and deepen his breathing.

He is cleared to start working from home next week, boo!  Plus, he's back to work, week after Christmas!  Of course, he needs to keep things slow and easy, but at this point he really needs to start thinking of other things, get back in the game, and feel somewhat normal again.

We are waiting to hear back from both oncology teams and are anxious to begin the next leg of the journey.

I personally believe that Albert and I are now operating on the same speed (so that must of been the reason for this turn in our lives).  Since we both got pushed off that hamster wheel, we both were reminded to enjoy the simple things, the important things, and each other!


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  1. Lookin good. I miss seeing your ugly mug around the office in the mornings.

    Get your butt back to work:-)



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