Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Yay for Sunshine!!

Yay!  The sun came out today!!  Poor Albert has been having to walk inside the house 'cause it's been so bleepin' cold lately!  Today I thought we would be doing good if Albert could get to the mailbox.  However, he just zoomed on passed it!  

And then a blast of cold air hit and we both spun right around and walked back!

He is looking like a million bucks!!  

Now that he is exiting the doped up phase of recovery, he really is doing pretty well.  His appetite is back and he's even feeling up to snacking again!  He enjoyed watching the recent obliteration of the Cowboys, GO BEARS!!

I suspect that my days of doting on him are limited!  He's been moving around and grasping for things, testing the limits of his new reach.

I also suspect that he's ready to see new people!  So if you've been waiting for the OK to visit, it's in print... It's OK to visit!

Thanks to everyone who has helped feed us!  I thought I was taking advantage by asking for help, (partly the care calendar delay) but I have truly appreciated how much it really helps!

It's been taking all my energy to keep up with meds and meals, it has been very nice to just warm things up and not have to cook from scratch!  GOD SEND, more like it!!

The pain is getting bearable, even while adjusting the meds and I think we are both getting past the shock of the second incision.  It's tremendously limiting his movement, but he is moving more every day.  With rehab, it should just be a matter of time before he is back in the gym doing bench presses!

I've been researching the scientific function of the body to understand his prognosis, and the only way to understand it, is to accept that our bodies are MIRACLES, daily miracles!

The way the body compensates for losses is truly fascinating!

He has his first follow-up on Thursday with the surgical endocrinologist, we will update if anything new develops!

Love y'all!


  1. So very glad to hear Albert is well on his way to recovery. God Bless,,,, Gary

  2. Our bodies are miracles, God did an amazing job when he created us! Like you said in time Albert will be doing bench presses! Glad to hear Albert is progressing in his healing. Tell Albert hello for us, and know we love you muncho!!!!! We will continue to pray for his healing!


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