Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Full Throttle...

(10:30p) Albert is sooo ready to get out of his stylish circulation socks and open-back hospital gown!

We saw both doctors today and they are both amazed by his strength and speedy recovery.  The cardiologist said that his progress is "remarkable" and the endocrinologist said that he's recovering "much faster than [they] expected".

He is ahead of schedule on almost every goal and on schedule with everything else.  He woke up quicker, got them to take out the breathing tube sooner, skipped the liquid diet, and is now running full throttle; working on mobility.

The doctors asked him to let them know when he thinks he's ready, they make sure he is, then they move on to the next step in recovery.  The key is not to lay in bed feeling pain, but to keep moving.

He is joking and in great spirits.  His tumor now has a name:  Walter White!  Told you he's feeling better!

We both got a long nap this afternoon and when we woke up, we went through the blog comments and well wishes from all of you guys.  We are truly enjoying reading your comments, offers, thoughts, and prayers.  It puts a smile on his face, and of course, tears in my eyes!

His appetite is returning, he even ate his cookie after supper AND some of my tater tots!

I left him in great hands this evening and decided to take it easy tonight and spend some time with Toby and Maya.  They are great cuddlers!  They both think they are lap dogs!  They are used to their frequent naps with mama so I think they are very happy to have me home.

Thank you so much family and friends who have been taking such good care of all of us!  Commenting on the blog, visiting, and making sure we all remember to eat!  I didn't know how much I needed you!

Take care and good night, I'll update again soon.


  1. we are happy to see all went well happy to hear albert is in good spirits we love y'all the most remind Albert that I like to order meat

  2. So happy to hear Albert is recovering ahead of schedule. Strong mind, strong body. Thought of you often throughout the day - sending positive thoughts your way. Diane and Wilson.

  3. Glad to hear about his strength and will today. Take care of yourself, he will need you! All my prayers to your family!

  4. Thank you for keeping us updated with Alberts progress. Love you all. We will keep y'all in our prayers. Debbie& Carlos

  5. We are very glad to hear Albert is on the road to recovery . Sounds like he's on the Autobahn. God Bless and keep the Faith. It gives me peace knowing all our prayers are heard. Gary & Gloria

  6. Way to go Albert!!!! You will be getting a delivery today so when you read the card you'll understand why it is great to hear about your progress. Don't push too hard...oh listen to me, I know better. Do what you're gonna do and get outta there :) NSG

  7. Really enjoyed our visit last night with you and Becky! You look good Albert, so glad to hear that you are healing quickly. God is Good, He's on your side! Prayers will continue. One thing for sure I'm not using Google driving directions again!!! Took us almost two hours to get to the hospital from San Antonio, not good! Take care, know that you are LOVED by so many, you also Becky take care of yourself, make sure your eating and resting. You know that we love you, Aunt Geri & family......


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