Sunday, December 8, 2013

Sleep, it does a body good!

It's been a couple days and it's amazing what lots of good sleep will do for your body!  

Albert looks incredible!  Like normal again!  He's walking faster and doing most things in slow motion.

The side incision was HUGE and explains the tremendous pain that is lingering.  

His chest pain has been a lot more manageable.  Go figure!

He's getting better, bit by bit!

The next step will be to get the pathology reports into the hands of an oncology team.  Once those experts give their opinion, we will let y'all know the next step in our journey.  It will take a few weeks.

Thanks for all your love!!

P.S.  The care calendar will be posted soon!!  

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  1. So enjoy these posts Becky, it keeps us informed and also gives you both, the time you need to get Albert ready for his next step. We love you and are prayers will continue! Take care, may God continue to bless Albert with his healing!!!


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