Monday, December 16, 2013

Things are falling into place...

So tomorrow we have another follow-up, Albert is hoping to get cleared to work from home, boo!

We found an oncologist that comes highly recommended, his office is in Austin and he is with Texas Oncology.  (Heard good things about them as a group.)

We also got entered into the MD Anderson hoopla.  We should hear back, hopefully in a week or so.

Things are looking up and falling into place, the big guy is still taking care of us!

MANY thanks to all the visitors!  Staying at home day after day is a hard thing to do, but visitors are really helping cheer the place up!

MANY thanks for the meals and other help from the care calendar and others who just drop by.  We are feeling the love!

It's funny that Albert will tempt everyone into seeing his scars!!!!

Good news, he walked a mile yesterday! Came home exhausted so it must have been just right.  (Good thing I made him turn around at half a mile, he wanted to keep going!)

Love y'all!

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