Saturday, December 28, 2013

The bumpy road!

Wow! This week has been a roller coaster ride.  And I DETEST roller coasters.  I always convince myself that my coaster car will be the one that flies off the rail.  My harness is the one that is faulty.  I will literally die from fright.  I simply avoid roller coasters at all cost, even the ones made for kids.  It's a fear I just won't face!  

Unlike amusement parks though, life's ride is not a choice.  We must ride, the only alternative is death.

We are blessed with beautiful children!

We are blessed with friends and family!

We are blessed with abilities, creativity, knowledge, aptitude, compassion, humor, and love.

I consider those the UPward part of the ride.  The things that make us smile and laugh and feel warm and loved.

Yet, for every up, there is a down.

Thoughts have been the DOWNward part of the ride we've been on this week.

For every negative statistic, there is a story of someone who has beaten the odds.  Their will for life won the war.

For every outlandish story of alternative treatments and miracle cures, there is death.  Someone for whom the treatment was not effective.

Our story is only now unfolding.  Our road ever so bumpy at the moment.

The advantage of knowledge and research is full disclosure.  Making decisions with both eyes open and feeling confident that those decisions were made to the best of our abilities.  Every effort was made to consider the consequences of our actions and inactions.

The disadvantage is full disclosure.  We don't know what we don't know.  We can't plan for what is already planned.  

Albert and I are not religious.  Most people that know us, know that.  But we are both VERY spiritual.  We believe there is at least one God, but who knows, there may be many.  We believe knowing that we are not alone is what is important.  There is a bigger picture that we are a part of.  Some call it destiny, fate, God's will, karma...whatever our future holds...may not be in our hands.

Albert believes that God's not done with him yet or else he wouldn't have made it through that cold Monday, December 2, 2013!  Here he is!  Alive, with me!

And being content with that is what we have, for today.

We don't know what tomorrow will bring.  But did we ever really?  Of course not!  So why does it feel so different now?  Why does uncertainty feel so much stronger when our eyes have been opened and we no longer have the luxury  of taking time for granted?

Wow!  This ride!  I'm hanging on for dear life!

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  1. Well said! Your journey is written very well. You two take care. Love Pam and Johnny.


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