Thursday, December 19, 2013

The blessings continue!

We continue to be blessed with visitors and helpers and WONDERFUL food!  Our emotions have been mostly high throughout our journey; however, it's only natural that spirits will dip when the odds are against us.  Your friendship and support is our lifeline.

We continue to be hopeful and have been exploring options for treatment.  MD Anderson called today requesting more documentation and we are taking that as a VERY GOOD sign.

Albert's doctor's visit today was a bit scary.  His blood pressure continues to be well off the charts and continues to concern the original endocrinologist on the case.  So she has ordered an extensive lab work up and pulled 9 vials of blood for tests.

We have been living day-to-day with each new surprise we've encountered.  It was 'funny' to watch the doctor's expressions (or attempts at concealing her expressions) as we updated her on what has happened over the last TWO weeks!

It's a lot!  It's crazy!  Especially when you say it out loud, in clinical terms!

Albert is AAAAAHHHHH-mazing!!


  1. Seasons Greetings Albert y la familia! Albert, ever since I heard about your medical issues you have been in my thoughts and prayers. Please continue to keep hope alive, and be positive. You are so blessed to have a wonderful family and many people that support and care about you. Feliz Navidad! Coworker and friend, Karen Torres

  2. The pup got all the good looks:-) We thinking of you every day. Hope to see ya soon. Phil (the ugly gray haired biker guy at CTM)

  3. Hey Albert....You're looking good man! You need to sumbit this pic to Men's Health! Hoping you had a blessed Christmas surrounded by lots of friends and family, I am sure you continue to feel the blessings that God is bestowing upon your family. Hey Becca....shout out to you girl.....I have heard alot of comments about your great journalist! On a serious note, God is in control, be still and listen, you will see where he is leading you as each day, doctor visit, and test unfolds......peace be with you............Lisa


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