Wednesday, December 4, 2013

You gotta walk before you can run!

Albert got lots of rest today, which was much needed!  He's graduated to simply breathing the oxygen that you and I breathe.  He's not getting that fancy bottled oxygen anymore!  Plus they removed the big, bubbly, loud machine that he hated!

Eagerly, he took his first "official" outside-of-the-room walk today!  It completely wore him out but said he felt somewhat human for a little bit!  

I left him this evening resting and listening to his soundscapes!

We are hearing more chatter about sending him home on Friday, dependant on various determining factors.  We'll see.

Apparently hospital food sucks.

Lastly, the zebra cancer ribbon above is in support of neuro endocrine cancer awareness and education.

(OMG! I do love that Tigger text before it was cool! LOL)


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